Reader Request Part I - Fitted Cocktail Dress

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

I'd like to share a reader request from fab reader Caitlyn:

Hey Shanequa,

Next month my boyfriend and I are headed out of town for a short trip for Valentine's Day. I'm so excited and I need to look great. That's where you come in. The first request I have is for you to find me a really cute cocktail-like dress. I have sort of a boy shape (i.e. no curves) so I hope you can help me find dresses that are sexy but not too revealing. Also, my budget maxes out at around $200. My second request is for a couple of cute, casual outfits. We'll be down south so I'm sure it will be warm. Thanks so much!!!

Well Caitlyn, I'm slightly envious. LOL. But you know I got you covered. Today I'll post your sexy cocktail selections, and tomorrow, I'll post some outfits that I'm sure you'll get inspiration from.

I included dresses that created curves such as those with sashes around the waist. They give the illusion of an hourglass figure. Also, I think sweetheart necklines are very feminine and the delicate bone structure of the neck....which is enticing for men ;-) A short hemline is sexy yet not too revealing. Last but not least, I included some fitted dresses and sparkly designs for that bombshell look. Hope this helps.

See ya tomorrow!

Au revoir!


Caitlyn said…
Thanks....looking forward to tomorrow's outfits ;-)