Outfit: Over the Knee Riding Boots

Greetings Fashionistas,

Today marks my 1,000th post....Sweet!!! It actually seems as if I've done waaaaay more but whateva. I should have posted pics of my big ski trip for this post but I'm still getting those pics ready for posting. Insane!

The other night I went to dinner with a friend and I wore these over-the-knee riding boots that I'd bought a while back. The funny thing is that I didn't know they were going to fit over-the-knee, LOL. They're freakin' awesome!!!

They scrunch up a little too much for me but who cares! I got them for a really great price.....$32 bucks ;-)

I love the rustic color and of course they feel great.

This is my favorite knuckle ring. It fits snug and doesn't move all around like my other ones.

Bad hair day so this little knit cap became my close companion.

Knit Cap - Macys
Earrings - Marshall's
Top - Saks Fifth Avenue
Rings - Street vendors
Bracelets - Forever 21
Jeans - Charlotte Russe
Boots - Charlotte Russe

Au revoir!


Lauren said…
Congrats. Love the boots!
Monique said…
Cute outfit...the boots are pretty awesome too!
Anonymous said…
You look really cute