New Year's Weekend

Greetings Fashion Friends,

If you guys have been following me on Twitter, and paying attention to my posts (I swear some followers only look at the pics I post, lol), you know I went to Atlanta to spend New Year's with my lovely friends. I took a few pics and I've posted them below.

On Friday evening, we had a crab boil and my home girl invited some friends over to eat and socialize.

Me and the beautiful host, Brandye. LOVE you babe!

I'm so not good at taking the "extended arm" pic....hence part of my face is cut off. LOL Me and my gorgeous friend Keysha. LOVE you bish!

Me and my striking, best friend Ann.

Bottles poppin'.

"Please go home...." my poor friends were so tired at the end of the night.

Getting ready for the club on Saturday night. Check out my new heels by Karen Millen. They're off the chain!!!

My legs look long here, haaa!

Sexy Keysh

Me and Keysh went for the animal print. My girl Brandye had on a lovely dress that she covered up.....but hey, it was quite chilly.

What up Corey?

This place was super packed. Compound is a huge club in downtown ATL.

What up Jax????

Brandye took us to all the best eateries. Let's just say my inner fat girl was very pleased, LOL.

So I was supposed to take a pic of my food when it came (it was brunch time) and......well, that sort of didn't happen. But the remains are there. LOL. It was soooooo good. Keysh let me sample some of her french toast. Yummy!

Here's the trip.......Paris, France!!!!!!!!!

Au revoir!


Jennifer said…
Looks like ya'll had a good time ;-)
Anonymous said…
Looks like you had lots of FUN! i LOVE going to COMPOUND! Its sooo fun!!! Loved the dress and SHOES too! :)
Cynthia said…
Everyone looks great!
Unique said…
I love you leopard print dress. Where did you get it?
Fashion Pad said…
@Charee Lenee'......I DID have lots of fun. I didn't want to leave :-)
Fashion Pad said…
@Unique.....I copped this dress on sale at Express for only $29.99 plus tax. SWEET!!!!