New Styles by Ariane Arazi

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

I'm back to my city and well......I'm ready to get back on the road again. Thankfully I have two trips coming up in the next 60 days. It's so interesting how addictive traveling can become. Or......maybe it's the time off from work that's the drug. Idk.

Anyhew, I want to share a beautiful jewelry collection by one of our fabulous emerging designers, Ariane Arazi.

The above crystal collection is ideal for a lovely outing with your guy and they can be worn to for an elegant event.

This flower collection will charm the pants of your girl fellas for Valentine's day.

For you Earth lovers, the wooden bead and bar collection is a winner.

She even has a peace collection for you inner hippies.

Rock and roll with the cuff collection. How lovely are they???

The cleopatra collection is actually my favorite. The turquoise and gold is a fab color combo.

The square crystal rings will be the perfect conversation starter at a cocktail party.

The fringe collection embodies the statement accessory trend.

I also adore the two toned necklaces. Tres chic!

What do you all think of the new collections?

Pics courtesy of Ariane Arazi

Au revoir!


Jessica said…
Those look good but now I'm interested in the price.