Hot or Not?

Greetings Fashion Divas,

I haven't done a post like this in a while, although I'm pretty sure several celebs had quite a few "questionable style moments".

First up is Kim K.

Kim was spotted at the Late Night with David Letterman show a couple of days ago. Now, I know Kim is usually on point and I understand that she is the 'vampy sex kitten', however, for some reason I'm not feeling this look. Maybe it's the length of her tresses blocking a bit of the dress but I'm more inclined to believe it's the sheer panel down the middle of the dress. I personally don't like the "wide open" chest look, but.....if she would have styled her hair back away from her face and kept everything else the same, it would have worked a little better. It's a sequin design, so the minimalist accessories (i.e. closed toe pump) are the right choices. What do you guys think? Am I being too critical?

Next up is Camilla Belle

Camilla was spotted at the LA premiere of her movie From Prada to Nada. I kind of like this sexy menswear look, however, I think that if she would have chosen a slightly longer top she could have pulled this style off. The ruffles don't really work too well with the tuxedo style jacket. As a matter of fact, the sleeves of the jacket are entirely too long and a good seamstress would have been able to add a couple of darts for a better fit to the body. Her pants are okay, she looks really fit but they are a tad bit too long. I do love her hair and makeup. Now what do you guys think?

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Au revoir!


Jennifer said…
I think they both look okay. I'm not excited about either outfit.
Alyssa said…
I think Kim looks pretty. It's not her best but it still looks good. Camilla on the other hand does look like she needs some serious tailoring done.