Outfit: Purple Accents

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

I'm back from my Christmas holiday and I had such a blast with my family. I met the new additions to the family through my beautiful little cousins. We ate a ton of food (I'm such a fat girl :() My niece and nephews were spoiled per usual. We just had a fun time.

I'm sure you all are feeling the cold front that harassed the nation this past weekend...and well, this week is going to be a bit chilly as well. I wrapped up pretty well and rocked my new fab accessory.....my purple handbag.

Lavender and purple against a gray background........equals fabulous eye appeal.

My little nephew took these pictures and he has a serious knack for photography. I like the angles of these last two photos. I didn't even tell him to do this. He's only 8 yrs old.

Earrings-Biscayne Bay
Necklace-Forever 21
Rings-Street vendors
Handbag-Cole Haan

Au revoir!


Angela said…
That dress by itself looks like a sack. But the added layers makes it look good. Nice!
Jennifer said…
You look really cute!
Rebecca said…
I think the dress is winter perfect and your bag is amazing!