Outfit: Lady in Red

Greetings Fashion Divas,

I went out with my bff about a week and a half ago and we were excited to go to a grown and sexy soiree. Seriously, it was full of lawyers and other professional young people. We had so much fun. I was even more excited to wear this red dress I bought by Jessica Simpson. Unfortunately, it's no longer available but I highly recommend her dresses because they fit really well.....especially if you have a curvy figure. I was pleasantly surprised.

Word of advice....don't slouch in your pictures. It's soooo not cute and more importantly, makes you look stumpy. See exhibit A above.

I actually didn't wear these heels because they were killing my feet, lol.

This is my only red dress. I do believe I need to invest in more ;-)

Outfit: Dress - Jessica Simpson; Clutch - Barney's New York; Cuff - Hot Topic; Heels - Discount shoe store in D.C (sorry, forgot the name)

Au revoir!


Jennifer said…
You look great!
Alyssa said…
Deanna said…
Red is my absolute go to for any soiree. Black is overrated.
Frederica said…
You look really nice. That style makes you look older though.
E. Harness said…
Girl! You are FIIIEEERCCCCEEE!! Sorry it took so long to comment!