Outfit: Church Song Fest


This past Saturday I went to a gospel song fest with my bff. Well, actually, I showed up about 2 hours late......but hey, I made it to hear her son sing with his choir and to hear my homeboy sing. It was nice. I rushed to get ready and just layered a couple of items on top of each other. It was a casual event. I think it turned out okay.

I probably was a little late due to my photo-op before I left for the program. LOL.....oops

Guess who's controlling their wait a lot better??? Yep, you guessed right! Yours truly ;-)))

This has got to be one of my favorite cardigans EVER! It's so lightweight and the muted color meshes well with different colors.

Outfit: Earrings - Street vendor; Tank - H&M; Cardigan - Zara; Scarf - Nordstrom Rack; Handbag - Zara; Jeans - Urban Outfitters; Rings - Street vendor; Boots - Zara

Au revoir!


Nikki said…
You look great!!!
Ursula said…
Lovely outfit. That scarf is so pretty.
Karen said…
Light layering looks the best to me. You look really cute!
April said…
Good look babe! Thanks for sharing more outfit pictures.