New Arrival!!!

Greetings Fashion Friends,

Yesterday I received a wonderful package at my front door. Okay, this is pretty sad, but I totally forgot that I ordered another pair of Dany platforms from the Jessica Simpson collection. I loved the first pair I bought so much that I've been pining for a second pair. Hats off to the designers of her line. I've never bought two pair of anything....well, discounting pairs of socks.

Besides the 70s inspired platform, I love the wooden heel the most.

Intimidating height....loves it

I wanted this snakeskin design but honestly it didn't look like I expected. But don't get me wrong, it fits well in by wardrobe and I'm certainly not displeased ;-)

I took the flash off. They look like a smoky gray.

These babies put me at about 5'8..........I'm considered a shortie at 5'2

Can't wait to rock these!!!!!

Au revoir!


Anonymous said…
Haute shoes!!!! I love'em!
Anonymous said…
I like the solid colors better. But it's cute.