New Additon - Purple Satchel

Greetings Fashion Friends,

During Black Friday "weekend", I continued to shop like an addict and over spent as usual :( It sucks because I was doing so well this past month, but I must admit I made some really good purchases that I don't regret at all.

Me and the fam went to the outlets because the mall had absolutely no parking spaces available. Anyhew, it turned out to be the best place because the Cole Haan outlet had 50% off everything in their store (even clearance)!!! I bought my mom a handbag, my nephew a wallet and sneakers, and I bought myself this lovely bag below.

It's purple!!!! I love this dark color and I didn't have this color in my collection so.......guess who's overly ecstatic. LOL!

I love how roomy the bag is. However, it could present a challenge as I tend to load up the bag with soooo much stuff and there are no dividers. But who cares right?

I love the feel of that smooth leather. The bag has a drawstring and the gold hardware works well with the deep purple. I can't wait to carry it!

Au revoir!


Ericka said…
That bag is so cute. I like the purple color too..
Lauren said…
That's a lovely bag. Your glasses are really cute too.