Donna Elaine Jewelry

Greetings Fashionistas,

I want to share a fabulous new jewelry line called Donna Elaine and the pieces are marvelous, very unique and super chic.

Donna Elaine jewelry is a one of a kind, hand made jewelry line made from polymer clay and fine beads. Each piece is handcrafted so no two items are exactly alike. Each color and pattern are developed by hand. There are no paints used in the construction of the jewelry, so each piece is truly unique.

Below I've posted a few of my favorite styles, which of course means I'm narrowing the list down to finally make my decisions, lol.

On the left: Yellow Gray Brown Gold Earrings and Ring Set $30.00
On the right: Large Earthtone Earrings $20.00

I love the swirl designs on the above pieces. They look like a work of art.

On the left: Large Black Red and Gray Ring $15.00
On the right: Black Brown White and Tan Chunky Bracelet $23.00

The red, gray and black color combo is really hot and I definitely need that ring in my life ;-)

On the left: Silver Granite Rosary $20.00
On the right: Brown and Turquoise Necklace $20.00

Again, the gorgeous design. Love the granite rosary.

What do you guys think of the pieces? Don't forget to check out the website at

Happy shopping.....

Au revoir!


Alyssa said…
The swirls in the designs do remind me of a painting too. Cute
Frederica said…
They look nice. Not sure if they'll fit in my wardrobe but I'll check it out anyways.
Anonymous said…
They look okay. The prices are pretty good.