Reader Request - Snake Ring for Less

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

How was your weekend? Mine was filled with the joy and laughter of kids.....o_o. I had my niece and nephews this weekend. They wore me out...well, except for the oldest. He really helped me out big time, lol. As some of you are experiencing, kids are extremely expensive. So I'm on a shopping hiatus for a little while :(

As I was checking my emails I saw several requests from you all. First up is Emma......

Hey Shanequa,

Love your blog!!! I know you are really good at helping find things for less so I was hoping you could help me find a cheaper option for the ring I included. I love snake rings for some reason and I REALLY want this one but I can't afford it. Please help me find a few cheaper ones.

Ileana Makri Cobra 18-carat rose gold diamond ring

Oh wow....what a beauty. It looks so delicate. I remember I had a ring similar to this but it was all silver. Yeah I broke it and tried to super glue it back together........kinda didn't work out, lol. Well Emma, I found you a couple alternatives below that hopefully work for you.

Katrina LaPenne Cleopatra Snake Ring

I love the coiled tail on this snake ring. It may or may not be out of your range, if so, look below for one more affordable find.

Lucky Brand Ring

It may not be as delicate as the original but it has that same coil and general pose so I think it's a good look for less.

I hope I've given you a good start Emma!

Au revoir!


Emma said…
Thank YOU! I love both options...