Reader Request - Get the Look

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

I have a reader request to share with you all from Syrai.


I LOVE this outfit that Kim Kardashian is wearing. Could you find this look for me. Thank you.

Okey dokey Syrai. I see Kim is following the furry vest trend. It's a cute outfit. I found everything pretty quickly except the handbag. It's just hard to find a bag similar to the Hermes' Birkin....unless you pick a knock-off but I don't advocate for knock-offs on my blog. No way.
6-inch Brim Swinger

I like the wide brim and it's floppy style and chocolate color is consistent with Kim's hat.

Kate Landry Croc Embossed Satchel

As you can see, this satchel is the best alternative that I could find on the net :(

Lipsy Textured Faux Fur Gilet

The coloring on this vest is similar to Kim K's. Leave the sash behind to create the same look.

Casual Knit Top

The price is SWEET!

Vintage 1 Motorcycle Skinny Jeans
$79.00 (0n sale)

These are the actual jeans that Kim is wearing and they're pretty affordable.

Victoria Platform Pump

Awesome heel. That platform and heel will make you at least 6 inches taller....

I hope the above selections help you achieve the Kim K's look Syrai ;-)

Au revoir!


Syrai said…
I appreciate you diva!