Instant Outfit - Cooler Temps.....sigh!

Greetings Fashion Divas,

I'm so excited that tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day. It's family time and my family is hilarious. I'm hosting dinner this year at my house so that means I'll be burning the midnight that is.

I saw on the news that it's gonna be a hot one so of course I'm irritated. Just to feel like I'm in the holiday spirit I've created an outfit that I WOULD have worn had it been cold >:-(

Oh come on Jack Frost......I'm sooooo gettng tired of waiting on you!!! I'm itching to take a trip to experience some colder weather. Too dramatic? I know. I think I'm so anxious because I've purchased several winter friendly items and I'm ready to wear them.....ugghhh!

Patience is a virtue I work hard to find.

Au revoir!