Halloween 2010 Recap

Greetings Fashionistas,
I finally have all my pics downloaded from my Halloween excursion. Please enjoy them below.
Clorissa, Me, and Eric
Clorissa was Chung Li (Streetfighter), I put together something of Greek influence, Eric rocked a two piece Arabian costume (think Aladdin)

You know, we're a hot mess? We just used the bed of some dude's truck as a camera pod...smh

The fab Arabian princess. I just want to beat him for those washboard abs.

Shout out to Eric for sewing my cape on my Grecian princess costume. I think it transformed me into a warrior princess.

I don't know who this guy was but his costume reminded me of a dark and sinister warlord.

This Spiderman was insanely limber. I think he works for Cirque du Soleil.

There were soooo many people downtown. Sidebar....I think I look trim and slim-mer in this pic. Note to self...turn at an angle and raise your arms in a muscle man pose to look your best....LMBO!!!!

This chick was an absolute fabulous Lady Gaga.

What's up Bedrock crew?

Great replicas of the two captains.....

Pres Obama and VP Biden....where did they find these masks?

What an awesome idea.....a boy scout camper

Sailor Moon!!!!! Where did this people get these costumes???? I couldn't find any cool costumes. Fab chick Clorissa jumped in the pic to toughen these chics up ;-)

I tried to take a pic of this guy dancing up on me. Too funny...

Hands down the absolute BEST costume of the night!!!! This guy actually was in a wish booth. He looked just like a genie. My flash covers his face but he had a line of people waiting to take a picture.


Cute feminine costumes of Super Mario and Luigi

It's Rick James beyotch!!!!

She wins the award for best use of make-up. And yes, she's pregnant.

This dude's costume was cute....took me a lil minute to figure it out though

Clo found a kindred soul in the world of video games. This chick was the best Katara...others were there but..... er ummm.....

Awesome mortal combat costume!


Pocahontas and her crew. Not sure why the dog is there....in a bumble bee costume no less. Maybe they didn't want to leave him home...

MJ in the house

I just don't know anyone can wear a nun costume.......especially paired with a gun. SMH

Captain America!!!

This lady was fun...and no, that snake is not real.

The fellas tapping into their inner divas.

These "play boys" got the party started with their antics.

I guess he was the Grim Reaper??? Not really sure.....

One last photo op, lol
It is the same pic from the beginning....but I downloaded it twice, lol.

We had a blast! Belly Dance!!! (sorry, inside joke for my homies)

Au Revoir!


Jennifer said…
I love Halloween! You see the most creative people :)
Lauren said…
All the costumes look great! Thanks for sharing.
Veronica said…
Wow...love the pics. Nice blog!
Anonymous said…
Niiicceee! I like your costume too.