All Black Everything.......

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

Welcome back from the weekend. How was everyone's Halloween??? I hope you all enjoyed yourselves and stayed safe. I went out with friends last night and dressed as a Grecian warrior princess goddess.....I think. LOL! I meshed two costumes together and the above is what I got. I'll have pics up sometime this week. I took a gang of them.

Below I've posted pics of me and Eric's "almost fashion show attendence" sad, smh. Because we were super late (not fashionably late) we missed the show so we just decided to take pics outside in the parking lot.

I decided to wear all black everything.

I added a tiny bit of color with my two-toned wedges.

I had on a ton of accessories. But you all know accessorizing is key to taking your outfit to the next level.

Eric decided to spin around like he was 5 yrs old so I snapped his picture, LOL.

I soooo wanted to beat Eric over the head and take his bag. It's so cute!

Eric used a sash from a pair of shorts to make his tie. Tres' creative

Yea, yea I know....I brought the bubble hem back. Briefly. It wasn't too distracting was it?

Blazer: Zara; Dress: Macy's; Jewelry: Forever 21 and street vendors; Handbag: Cole Haan; Wedges:

Au revoir!


April said…
I love your bag Shanequa
Jennifer said…
Nice outfits
Ramona said…
Killer shoes....and I don't even care for wedges.
Summer said…
Love you alls outfits. Cute.
Anonymous said…
Love the shoes! Can't go wrong with Asos! One of my favorite online stores!! :-)
House of Brooke said…
I'm late but I need those wedges!
I too wanna pop Eric ova the head for that BAG!
And Y do I love Eric so much!