Who Rocked It???

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

Welcome back from the weekend! I did a little bit of shopping and I also gave a fashion presentation on fall trends at my friend's make-up class. It was fab and I'll be posting pics shortly ;-)

So temps are finally falling in the good ol sunshine state so I'll get on those fall trends ASAP....promise! But first, let's review some popular styles on some of our fav divas.

Christina Millian performed at L.A. Fashion Week and she wore some fierce over the knee boots.

But the other day I spotted these same boots on Teyana Taylor at the Fendi Boutique Opening in L.A.

Report Signautre Steinway Over the Knee Boots

These boots are thankfully an affordable luxury buy.....key word is luxury, they're still a bit pricey for most. Chrisitina looks fab in her boots paired with a cheetah print leotard. But I love the funky way Teyana rocked her boots so I'm going with her as my choice.

So who rocked it guys?

Pics spotted at NecoleBitchie.com

Au revoir!


Mimi said…
Teyana hands down!!!!!
Dawn said…
Teyana...but I like Christina's leopard print leotard.
Anonymous said…