What I want NOW!!!

Greetings Fashion Freinds,

I'm starting out supa late today. I was scheduled for a doctor's appt. this morning but they were running an hour and 30 minutes behind schedule. What??? Seriously, the morning had just began. I feel bad for them, cause that waiting room was full of angry looking people.

Anyhew, I'm behind on my fall shopping list per usual...mainly bc I'm still experiencing warm weather so no physical trigger to get me to the stores as of yet. However, I am seeing a lot of great things out there and I've scouted some items that will work great for the transition of the seasons.

Klepto Top by Funktional $62.00

A cute, relaxed fitting top with front pockets.......I'm so in love.

Leopard Print Holland Satchel

To tip toe on the wild side, I've decided to go with a handbag purchase that reflects this style. That way, when it becomes too much for me I can just set my purse down....away from me, lol.

Hot Studded Boot $64.99 http://www.modcloth.com/

I don't know what it is about these boots....well, yes I do, those studs are so tastefully done. It's a hot look for sure!

Asos Pleat Waist Linen Blazer

This blazer just looks like it's gonna be heaven when you put it on. It drapes well and I like the cut too.

Netted Pearlescent Necklace

How cute is this lovely piece??? I'm sold on the multi layers of pearls and how they clash brilliantly with the heavy linked chain. Tough meets feminine works every time I tell you!!!

You like? What are you all looking to buy right now?

Au revoir!


Brooke said…
I like all of these but I'm really looking for a badass military coat.
Ericka said…
I'm really loving the fur coats I've seen in stores. I'm all for over the top items :)
Sabrina said…
That purse is cute. I love animal prints.