Style Enigma - Sequined Boots

Greetings Fashion Divas,

The fabulous designers of the industry love to push the envelope in fashion. I love it, you love it, we all love it!!! But sometimes, there creativity borders on....well.....perplexion. It becomes an enigma, something neither you nor I can decipher. Were they going with 1960s go-go style or were they trying to emulate the dapper femme fatales of the 1920s?

It's sometimes hard to tell. Case in point, the sequined over the knee boots by Sergio Rossi combines a few different eras. I don't know if any of us "regular" folk can rock sequined over the knee boots but I'm sure some of you will try ;-))

Sergio Rossi Paillettes Over-the-Knee Boots
Now I like to try new things all the time but I can't imagine spending the above amount on some sequined boots. Maybe if I was a rock star or eccentri chick........maybe.
Au revoir!


Anonymous said…
Sequined clothing...yes Sequined boots.....hell no!!!