Shorts and Booties

Greetings Fashionistas,

Happy Friday!!! I've been spotting a lot of trends lately, especially in terms of product combinations. I love to know what's hot for I can either stay away from it....... or I can manipulate it and rock it as my own style.

This fall I've seen several celebrities rocking the shorts and booties combo. It's not really a new trend, but it's showing up heavily for fall. I've posted a couple images below.

On the left, resident fashion badass Victoria Beckham looks awesome in a blazer, jean shorts, and open toe booties. Now that's the style I most identify with. Miley Cyrus rocks the ever so popular Alexander Wang booties with some micro shorts and a cardi.

Rachel Bilson pairs her leather shorts with a fab pair of open toe booties and a silky, floral top. Cute!

This style combo is right up my alley! I've already put together an idea for an outfit below. This is one trend I'll definitely be joining.

Shorts and Booties

Shorts and Booties by Fashion Pad featuring a patent leather handbag

Guys I've never worn tights with shorts and boots. I have no idea why! But knowing me, I probably thought it was too trendy for me or out of my style zone. Haaa! This time I'm going to pull off this look.....I hope, lol.

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Au revoir!


Monique said…
My personal uniform consists of shorts and boots ALL year long. It's always in style.