Reader Request - Shearling Lined Boots


Greetings Fashion Friends,

I have a reader request to share with you all from Lisa.


I hope you can help me identify the boots that Janet is rocking in this picture. They are fabulous and I want them. I know the boots are hard to see but this is the only picture I could find. I love booties and these need to be on my feet ASAP.

Thanks Shanequa

Well alrighty then :-) Lisa, you just don't know how lucky you are. The only reason I was able to identify these is because I was on Net-A-Porter yesterday and saw them when I clicked on the shoe tab. I mean, you know that pic was half obscuring the awesome pull of these booties right? I think I AM in love!!!!

These fierce boots were actually first spotted on Burberry Prorsum's Fall 2010 runway back in February.

Burberry Prorsum Shearling Lined Aviator Boots $1,090.00

These are some seriously tough heels. Good eye Lisa! Unfortunately, these boots are no longer available and I'm not sure if they're gonna be back in stock any time soon :(

Due to that fact, I tried to find you another, albeit, more affordable option below.

ADORE Leather and Shearling Buckle High Ankle Boot $143.23

I know that they don't make the same statement as the ones from Burberry above, but there are a lot of similarities and the price point is definitely budget friendly.

**UPDATE**** - Fab Fashion Pad Reader Juelz found the perfect fashion copy cat below. You ROCK Juelz!!!!!

Thanks for the request Lisa!

Au revoir!