Reader Request - Cheetah Print Dress

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

I have a reader request from Fashion Pad Reader Jennifer,

Hi Shanequa,

Could you tell me who designs the dress that Nicky Hilton is wearing in this picture? I LOVE it and I want it now. Love your blog babe!!!

Thanks Jennifer. Whew, this dress is risque' (for me anyways) but it's constructed really well. Look at how the prints swirl right at our typical "trouble zones". It clearly distorts the eye from any imperfections...heck, I need this dress, LOL! Just kidding, it's a really cool dress. Okay, after searching for about a day, I finally found it yesterday on Shopbop. Go me!

Torn by Ronny Kobo Cheetah Print Dress

This dress is jersey, so it will mold beautifully to the body. I was hoping it wasn't spandex because it can definitely be unforgiving. Also, check out the exposed zipper in the back, it adds edge to an already fly dress.

Happy Shopping!

Au revoir!