New Glasses

Greetings Fashion Friends,

So I found out from my optometrist that my vision is in the pits people. I'm farsighted, nearsighted, AND I have a astigmatism. WHAT??? Now I have to wear glasses all the darn time. Seriously? Oh boy!

With my fate determined, I picked out a pair that would be chic, go with every outfit, and wouldn't be very noticeable on my face. I went with a slim, almost nonexistent frame to accomplish the latter.

I'm usually not a brand hog unless we're talking accessories. But surprisingly I didn't go with the "brand" item. I went with what would fit on my face permanently. Go figure, I chose comfort over fashion.

I headed out to bible study to debut my new lenses. You know, trying to avoid large crowds and get honest feedback from my fellow church members, lol. can hardly tell that I have any specks on.....right? Please don't hurt my feelings, LOL!

Outfit - Top: H&M; Cardigan: Forever 21; Necklace: Forever 21; Jeans: Nordstrom; Handbag: Calvin Klein; Sandals: Zara

Au revoir!


Ursula said…
They look good. Love your blog!
Lillian said…
I like the glasses. That bag is huge!!!
Anonymous said…
Awww...they look nice.
Miriam said…
I think you chose well :-)