Madame Powder Room

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

About two weekends ago I participated in an awesome make-up class given by none other than the fabulous Shawn Dotcha.I Davis of Papid beauty, love, and style blog. I actually presented Fall 2010 trends to the members of the class.

Above is the lovely Shawn in all her diva-tude....loves her!!!!

I especially enjoyed the vendors that were there. This display featured a candy station designed like beauty products. It was super cute and I am definitely going to use her service in the future.

Eric thought the cupcakes were slamming. I'm not a big cupcake fan, but I must admit they were tasty.

Shawn and her business partner Necole (my hair stylist) are talking to us about the proper way to apply make-up.

Just a small sample of what we used to create our looks.

I did Eric's was okay. I'm no expert by any means. The make-up model's look was done by our host. Her make-up, of course, was flawless.

This is the board I created so that the audience could have a visual as I discussed the fall trends.

Necole, Eric, and Shawn

Necole, Eric, Shawn, and yours truly

We had a ton of fun and I certainly learned a lot about how to properly apply make-up and what products to use for my skin type. However, I'm still a lazy chick and I'm not yet convinced that it's for me. To each her own :-)

Au revoir!


Dana said…
Eric's hair rocks!
Lauren said…
I need a make-up class ASAP. Looks fun :)