Hot or Not?

Greetings Fashion Divas...again,

I would love to believe that there is total freedom in fashion and we all can do whatever we want when it comes to personal style but.......that's just not true. Case in point, our first questionable ensemble comes from Ms. Kelly Rowland.

Kelly was snapped while arriving to the BBC Radio One studio on London. This entire outfit is disjointed. The fur vest is too large for her small frame and the over sized grey sweatshirt and black swing skirt are just ill-fitted. More importantly, they do not provide a blank canvas for that loud vest and randomly placed scarf. Oh Kelly, but you're still a gorgeous female.

Now we see my fav chick Rihanna at Miu Miu's Spring 2011 runway in Paris wearing a dress from their line with two-toned socks and "there's no place like home ruby red heels". What's going on RiRi??? I understand that her fashion is supposed to coincide with her upcoming album "Loud" but geesh...this is almost unbearable. I can't wait til this phase is over.

So what do you guys think of their fashion......inspiration?

Pics spotted at Crunk & Disorderly blog

Au revoir!


Melissa said…
I think they both missed the mark.
Olivia said…
Both receive a thumbs down
Angela said…
I like Rihanna but her style lately is wack!
Kesha said…
Not hot
Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
uh Rihanna is so amazing!...except I miss the blonde highlighted hair- red is a little too crazy for me. She is one of my favorite current artists- and if I had that body I would def be rockin those short skirts.