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Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

Welcome back from the weekend! I had such a busy weekend I certainly didn't get any rest. But no complaints here because I had fun regardless. I went shopping with my mom and nephew and surprisingly I didn't purchase any thing. I'm feeling a little empty now that I realize that 0_0. I also "almost made it to a fashion show" Saturday night. But I'm going to blame Eric for that mishap. Uggghhhh! Anyhew, we managed to still have fun by having an impromptu photo shoot in the parking lot, LOL. I'll have pics up this week I promise. I've already downloaded the pictures onto my laptop so I'm good to go ;-))

So I was sent some info on an emerging jewelery designer that I'd like to share with you all. Based out of Brooklyn, NY Olia Designs creates each of her unique pieces in her NY studio. The designer attributes her delicate jewelry designs to inspiration flowing abundantly from people, colors, nature, dreams and reality. People alone is all I'd need for inspiration....they can be so very entertaining sometimes, LOL. However, through the above elements Olia conceives and creates an eclectic body of work with a distinct flair.

Since she began creating, she has been playing with symmetry and asymmetry, perfectly faceted and imperfectly rough semi-precious stones, innovative and ancient-inspired color combination, to produce an aesthetic both alluring and meaningful. You have to check out her site to see how gorgeous her work is. Just a few years old, Olia has already developed quite a following with her intricately wire-wrapped semi-precious stone pieces. Honestly, she just gained another fan with me guys....I love her designs. You just never know what you're gonna get with some of these new designers but I must say I'm impressed.

Her brand new Paleolithic Collection takes her distinct aesthetic to a whole new level with druzies, geodes and mixed metals in incredible neutral tones that when mixed together, perfectly create a unique juxtaposition of edgy glamour and understated ease.

I also love her metals collections including a forever favorite - the Zodiac Collection (an incredibly different take of the everyday interpretations of signs that represent you and those you love) and mini tag pendants (with cheeky phrases like "make love", "make peace" and "kiss me"), which, all retailing for under $100, are the best layering necklaces and create the most perfect gifts.

Check out a few of her designs I've posted below:

On the left: Cherry Mini $95.00
On the right: Blooming Cherry $77.00

On the left: Halcyon Square $84.00
On the right: Palaeolithic Earrigns $$128.00

On the left: Chunk ring $62.00
On the right: Geode charms $106.00

On the left: Blue Stream $92.00
On the right: Gravity Earrings $127.00

The designs are beautiful and I am a serious fan of the Paleolithic collection. I don't know what it is, but it's just something about jewelry that incorporates stone-like pieces that I just LOVE!!! This collection has just been added to my "what I want now" list.

But guess what fabulous readers.....Olia Designs has offered to give my readers an exclusive discount. Yippie!!!! Olia will give you all a 20% discount off your entire order for one month beginning today, Oct 25th and ending November 25th. Please make sure you use promotional code "FEELLOVE" at checkout to receive this awesome discount.

Well....what are you waiting for???? Get to SHOPPING!!!!

Au revoir!


Anonymous said…
These are nice and pretty affordable. Thanks!