Ash is Here!!!

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

As you all know, I was anxiously anticipating the arrival of my open toe booties from Neiman Marcus. These unique, leather booties by Ash was on sale at over 75% off. Can you believe that??? I had to scoop them up.....well, I didn't have to but you know.......I obviously wanted them ;-)

So the color description on their website described these boots as "stone".....not exactly sure if I've ever seen stone look like the above, so I'm just going to go with sage as my description.

I'm a little outside my comfort level with these booties, but the sporty, yet chic look of them just reeled me in.

They are super comfortable....hmmm, everything I've acquired has been super comfy lately. No lie, I do know other words to describe products, LOL!

I can really see these paired with some roomy harem pants, an oversized long tee that falls off the shoulder, and a beanie....SWEET!

Au revoir!


Rosa said…
Those look fun! I like Ash but their stuff is a little pricey for me.