Who Rocked It?

Greetings Fashion Friends,

This version of Who Rocked It is all about Stella's lace. Stella McCartney has been dishing out fabulous lace garments for several seasons and celebrities have flocked to her designs. For example, her wool jumpsuit with lace insets have had several variations as you see below. Then, she even provided a dress option as spotted below on Jennifer Garner and Rihanna. I love her lace designs but the original all lace pantsuit will be my absolute favorite, edgy piece of all time. Unless she surpasses that design, which is very likely.

LaLa Vasquez wore her Stella McCartney jumpsuit at the premiere of her reality show in LA the other night. Naomi Watts worked the red carpet in a cropped version of the popular jumpsuit back in May at the premiere of Mother and Child. I'm going to go with Naomi as the winner of this challenge. LaLa's version is okay, but I feel as if her large bust alters the look of the garment...and not in a good way. I like Naomi's cropped version better.

Rihanna was spotted in this Pre-Fall 2010 garment back in August at an after party in NY. Jennifer Garner recently wore her dress at the Toronto Film Festival for the premier of The Town. I'm going to go with Rihanna's look. I love the shock of red hair and her dress has a more perfect fit. Jennifer has a great body but you really can't tell in this dress as it sort of just hangs on her.

So, what do you all think......Who Rocked It?

Images spotted at glamour.com, people.com, necolebitchie.com

Au revoir!


Jennifer said…
I agree with both of your choices. LaLa's jumpsuit just looks weird on her.