They've Arrived!!!

Greetings Fashion Friends,

Haaa! The young, dashing UPS man, dressed in his lovely shade of chocolate brown, paid me a visit yesterday. I was happy to see that one of my shipments arrived just in time for......well, I don't really have anything planned, but I'll create some place to rock these at...don't you fret mon ami.

The hybrid wedge heel is a striking look and I know I'll get good use out of these platforms.

I don't own a pair of shoes in forest green so I decided to rectify that ASAP! They do have other colors if green is not your cup of tea.

Wowsers, please excuse the dust on my floor. It's hard to keep wood floors clean :(

I'm so infatuated with platforms. They're comfortable and provide me with some much needed height, LOL!

So this fab heel was my low end buy at $32.90 from I'm so glad I waited and didn't jump at the first hybrid wedge heel I saw. Patience is a virtue.

Au revoir!


Anonymous said…
Love them!
Shauna said…
I'm getting those now. Thanks!