Style Files - Looklet

Greetings Fashion Divas,

I totally forgot I joined another website for stylists last year. I'm connected to so many websites it's hard to keep up, lol. Well is a site for stylists that allows you to create any look, style it anyway you like, using thousands of fashion items. It's sort of like but there's a twist.

On Looklet, you can bring your looks to life with different models, sets, and effects. Honestly, I'm re-orienting myself to the site so I only know how to create styles on the models. I haven't learned how to manipulate the sets or do any special effects yet. It's a fun site and it's just amazing how far technology has come. LOVES it!!!

Below is a recent look I created. I just went with the first couple of items I could find to create a tough dame look.

This is totally a fall look. The black and burnt orange is classic. The motorcycle jacket and calf boots are great transitional items.

It's so cool that they even show you the back of the look. Nothing is left to the imagination about how you're gonna be seen in your particular style pieces.

This model had really big hair, and it was automatically altered to accommodate the beret I decided to add. I really like the Parisian look.

I will be doing a lot more of these styling sessions now that I've rediscovered ;-)

Au revoir!


Angela said…
Ohh, I like this fashion website. Cute look!
Errin said…
This is really cool. Do they have other models to choose from?