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Greetings Fashion Mavens,

The other day I received a lovely package from . I couldn't wait to try out the pieces and assess their wearability (yes, I do realize that's not an actual word). The prices on the site were really affordable so I was unsure how nice they would look and honestly, I was a little worried about the quality. Well low and behold, I am so pleased at the construction of the jewelry and overall aesthetic. Whew, it's always a good thing when that works out.

First up for review is the Stone and Chain Bib Necklace.

Unfortunately, this product is no longer available.....sold out quickly! But there are other options on the site that stand out like the above.

I love the beading and chain links, which really allow the piece to make a statement. The necklace is surprisingly lightweight, but I would definitely recommend wearing with a smooth surface garment or v-neck top as the links could possibly get caught in a more heavily textured fabric.

I decided to go relaxed glamour and no prints, so the necklace could make a statement of its own.

You would think that the chains would easily tangle...which is so frustrating, but I don't know what they did to allow them to just fall naturally in place without much direction.

I think the final look was wonderful and I like the feel of the necklace. I think the next time I wear it I'll pair it with a fitted white v-neck tee, skinny jeans, and open toe pumps.

Outfit: Jean Blazer: Wet Seal; Earrings: TJ Maxx; Necklace: Courtesy of ; Dress: Forever 21; Handbag: Furla; Sunglasses: Versace; Sandals: Macy's

So the next product I'll review is the Mixed Rocker Cuff.

At first, I thought the cuff would be too dressy for multiple uses. However, I decided to try and make it a little casual by pairing it with a relaxed fit cotton knit dress, short sleeved knit cardigan, and thong sandals. I was on my way to bible study ;-)

What I like about this cuff is that it was super comfortable. Sometimes, cuff bracelets can be a little stiff and feel a little awkward. I honestly forgot I had it on....SWEET! However, no product is perfect. I have to caution that it was a little snug initially around my wrist. But then again, I think there is some adaptability because I didn't feel it after wearing it for a short while. The older ladies I was sitting next to at church told me it was cute! Who says you lose style as you age???

Bronze and grey studs, as well as crystals decorate this comfy, faux leather cuff. This product is still available and similar selections will be getting added to my shopping cart in 5..4..3..2... LOL!

Pairing a tough piece such as this cuff with a feminine garment is a delightful surprise and provides great contrast in style presentation. But when the weather permits, I will be rocking it with my moto!

Outfit: Earrings: Nordstrom; Necklace and dress: Forever 21; Cardigan: Urban Outfitters; Cuff: Courtesy of ; Handbag: Nordstom; Sandals: Zara

Make sure you head on over to for cute, affordable accessories!

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Au revoir!


Alyssa said…
Good review!
Ramona said…
The necklace is really cute, too bad it's sold out. I also love both of your handbags!
Trinity said…
That necklace is a darling, but I don't get too excited about the cuff.
Melissa said…
Love your style. Laid back and super cute!!!