The Look for Less - Studded Hi-Tops

Greetings Fashion Divas,

I can't believe I'm still recovering from falling ill last Thursday!!! Note to self....and all others.....please do not fly while you have a head cold. Let me tell you, you do NOT need the pain. It was damn near unbearable. My left ear has popped slightly but the right ear is stubborn as heck! Oh goodness, but trust, I'm not letting it pull me away from fashion ;-)))

Okay, so as I'm sure you all know, New York Fashion Week in is full effect......and once again, I'm not there. After all the invites this year, I still didn't get to make it. My friend says I just need to go to NY on a whim. Which makes since, because every time I plan a trip there, something goes wrong :( But I'm not giving up....just going at it from a different angle. Can anyone say random road trip???

Well, as I plan for that fateful day, I'll still continue to seek out the goodies that fashion has to offer. Take the below studded hi-tops by Christian Louboutin. They're just sooooo fun and funky!

If I haven't told you guys before, hi-top sneakers are my obsession (when it comes to sneakers) and I freakin' love this pair by Mr. Louboutin. The studs are super fun and edgy. But alas, I will not pay $800 for matter how awesome they are. So this look had to be found for less. See below.

Ca Cao - High Top Studded Shoes

Oh yeah, this price is definitely in my range. The studs on this pair of hi-tops are not as spiky or abundant as the Louboutins....but the look is similar enough to have it pass as our affordable option.

For a great way to display the kicks....go with the following look:
- white v-neck tee
- light chambray button down dress shirt
- black fedora
- cut-off distressed bermudas
-black square sunglasses

Au revoir!


Inga said…
I like the affordable option better than the luxury sneakers. They look slightly dangerous, lol.
Frederica said…
I love the outfit. It's sort of tomboy combined with feminine accents.
Unknown said…
yes we are definitely goin to be in attendance next yr for NYFW...its a must..i'm goin through depression ova here cause I'm not there this yr, :(