Instant Outfit - Animalistic!!!

Greetings Fashion Divas,

You know what, I don't own any leopard print items. Hmmm, I've always been skeptical when it comes to animal prints but I know they can be done tastefully because I've seen it. However, I prefer to rock any risky print as an accessory. That way I'm stepping outside of my box, but not trying to be someone I'm not. It's a win win for me ;-)

So I think I'm going to go with either a leopard print bag....or a leopard print pair of pumps. What do you all think?

I think I prefer the latter set because I those pumps are F-I-E-R-C-E!!! Red and leopard print is a tried and true combination that never gets old. Put your own personal spin on it and rock it like YOU were the one to come up with the look. I'd even recommend going with an animal print accessory then adding a fire engine red lipstick to the mix. Tres chic'

Au revoir!


Terra said…
Leopard print bag. It's more of a statement!