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Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

Welcome back from the weekend!!! I have soooo much to catch up with regarding this blog. I have product review that I will be doing tomorrow (keep fingers crossed b/c my computer has been chronically ill), I have tons of photos to share, and marketing items to post. Whew! I really could work more efficiently if I just broke down and bought another computer. It's just that my main computer is set up so absolutely well. I have all my websites grouped by likeness such as low end trendy boutiques, gossip blogs, and premiere designer accessories. It would take me FOREVER to rebuild the hundreds of websites I have. So yes, it's about me being lazy, but come on....I'm sure you all get aggravated if you've ever had to add you phone contacts manually!

I guess I'll have to think on this a little more seriously. If I want to continue to broaden my brand and make this blog THE go to site for fashion tips and personal style, I gotta do what I gotta do :( Oh the agony of self defeat, LOL!

Anyhew, I have another exciting edition of I really luv my.... to share with you this morning. Today we're taking a look at Drew Barrymore and her love for the fabulous YSL Trib Too Pump.

Drew paired her Trib Too's with skinny jeans for a relaxed look while promoting her new movie on the Daily Show with John Stewart in NY. For the LA premiere of Going the Distance, she opted to sport them with a Marchesa gown (not really feeling this combo)

On the left Drew is snapped outside the Late Show with David Letterman. On the right, she's rocking her pumps at the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

I am a fan of the Tribute pump and I plan to add a pair to my arsenal......I'm really trying to step my shoe game up ;)

YSL Trib Too Pump $695.00
Now I couldn't find this sucker in grey so please use your imagination. Lovely price huh?

If you'd like a similar style, I've included a few selections below that may be more affordable to you divas.

Pour La Victoire Grey Suede Irina Platform Pump

A nice alternative that's a whole lot less than the original. I like the black trim on the bottom.

Fawson High Heel Pump
$49.98 (on sale) http://www.aldoshoes.com/

I have the above pump in yellow. FYI, it does run a 1/2 size larger so you may want to try them on first or just go for the smaller size if you're ordering online.

Suede Platform Pump $25.00 http://www.gojane.com/

What a GREAT find! The 3/4 inch platfrom gives you the height of the YSL pump, but the price gives you the luxury to go buy a great pair of pants, skirt, or dress to pair with them :-))))

Pics spotted at People.com

Au revoir!


Rebecca said…
GoJane.com is a great cheap site for trendy stuff.
Stacia said…
I've seen the YSL pump go for up to $795...way out of my league!