Hot or Not???

Greetings Fashion Followers,

Michelle Williams, former Dawson's Creek star, was spotted in a Jason Wu chiffon gown with a dainty bow at the neckline, clutch by Cecelia, and Bulgari jewels for the premiere of Meek's Cutoff at the Venice Film Festival in Italy.

Now I'm all for pushing the bar with fabric combinations as well as going for the road not traveled when pairing prim and chic. But I'm not sure if I like this look. There's something about it that makes me look twice, but I don't know if it really wows me. As my bff would say, "If I have to look to long at it to understand what's going on....I probably don't like it" LOL!

What do you guys think about Michelle's gown?

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Au revoir!


Denice said…
Not....looks like an old lady gown.
Inga said…
I'm gonna go with warm. I'm sorry, I can't decide either. It's a very different out of the box dress.
Anonymous said…
Might be appropriate to pay a visit to the Queen at Buckingham Palace but she looks like a Golden Girls in the dress...
But the dress is very classy but too old for her!
Regina said…
I'm gonna go with NOT