Yet Another Handbag

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

Like I told you all yesterday, I did a little damage shopping this weekend but the end result is a beautiful, medium sized (I know, unbelievable), light blue leather satchel. I don't have this color or particular shape, if that's any consolation....smh. Anyhew, it's a lovely gem but I know I shouldn't have bought it. I have a vacation out of the country coming up with my family and I just didn't need another addition to my already overstuffed closet.

I forgot to tell you all that one side of my closet fell down due to the combined weight of my jewelry boxes and handbags. So I had to place half in my other closet. Just sad. Oh well, this is one of the reasons I have this blog, to help curb my wants because everyday I'm looking for something to post and I can't buy every thing I see...can I? This theory only works, of course, if I stay my behind outta the malls, lol.

I discovered Furla by accident about 5 years ago and have been hooked ever since.

This is actually one of the smallest bags I've purchased from them. Maybe this will help me to stop carrying my life around in my bag.

Beautiful, smooth silk lined interior

I might as well rock it since I got it. I'm not taking it back. I just need to suffer and hopefully this will inspire me to curb my ill-advised spending habits ;-)

Au revoir!