Reader Request - Strapless Top

Greetings Fashionistas,

I have a reader request to share with you all from fab reader Rochelle.

I love Nicole S. and as I was looking on her fan site I saw a picture of her wearing a really cute strapless top. I love it and purple is my favorite color. I hope you can find it for me.

Thanks so much!

Word up!!! I love Nicole's entire look from head to toe! I'm not a fan of the animal print bag but it works well here. I had seen this top before on some other celebs but I couldn't remember who so I then proceeded to scout out this top. I finally found it at

Karina Grimaldi Strapless Peacock Top

This top is actually listed for a really GREAT price. It originally sold for as high as $160. Unfortunately Rochelle, I couldn't locate the color that Nicole is rocking, but knowing who it's by will allow you to search on sites like Ebay.

Hope this helps!

Au revoir!