Reader Request - Leather and Lace

Greetings Fasshion Mavens,

I have a reader request from Marie that I'd like to share with you all.


I think you’re awesome and I come to your blog everyday (M-F)!! I was wondering if you could help me in my little styling pickle. For my 30th B-day I’m doing a “Leather and Lace” photo shoot. I want something kind of spunky, out of character, different, but still grown womanish. I’ve already selected one look that I kind of jacked from Willow Smith. However, I’m doing a white wife beater, faux leather vest, and lace up booties. I’m ordering some thigh high boots, as well because I’ve always wanted to do something like that, please help. I’ve got two outfits down (one lace dress) and I need four.

Thanks a ton!!

Oh wha a joyous event Marie! I'm knocking on 30's door as well so I totally understand. Well, I've donte two things: first, I've created several looks below, then I looked for items that you would possibly be interested in using for this special occasion.

Leather and Lace - Classic Style

Leather and Lace - Classic Style by Fashion Pad featuring high heel shoes

The above combo is certainly grown womanish but super edgy. Button the blazer from the bottom up to reveal the lace bralet underneath. A fedora may work with this outfit as well, but you'll have to play with that and how you're going to do your hair to see if it works.

Leather and Lace - Oh La La

Leather and Lace - Oh La La by Fashion Pad featuring high heels pumps

This set just screams exquisite, grown woman. It's sexy, demure, and super chic! The lace inserts on the dress are perfectly placed in the right spots and don't be embarrassed to use a fit shaper to enhance your womanly figure....that's what they're for anyways.

Fashion Pad Blog - Reader Request

Fashion Pad Blog - Reader Request by Fashion Pad featuring chain jewelry

Vanessa Bruno Wool-crepe vest
$510 -
Wool vest »

Eleazar Short
$140 -
Shorts »

$512 -
Chain jewelry »

Cascade Earrings
96 GBP -
Earrings »

Silver Multi Ring
2 250 SEK -
Silver jewelry »

$995 -

Because you mentioned an edgy style, like Willow Smith, I thought I'd cover that request with this set. The distressed denim is taken from casual to dressy with a few key pieces: sky high booties, tailored wool vest, and statement jewelry.

TFNC Lace Overlay Dress

$47.18 (on sale)

This one shoulder garment is sexy and demure. I like the length, short enough to show the legs, but long enough to be considered appropriate for a soon to be 30 year old ;-)

Satin Lapel Extended Vest $24.80

The long vests are sitting high on the trend report's radar and I especially adore this affordable version from Forever 21. The satin lapel is a cute ode to menswear.

ASOS Lace Gloves $8.43

Prince and Madonna were just a few who ushered in the popularity of the lace glove in the '80s. The look is edgy and bold and I think it's a must for any leather and lace themed event.

Delicious Gram-S Knee High Boots

These affordable knee high boots will work well with jeggings, a mini dress, or a pair of shorts. Don't you just love versatility???

Sabiya Lace Boot $32.80

Subtle lace addition to any outfit. The overlay on the bootie is chic and classic.

I hope this helps you on your big day Marie!!!

Au revoir!


Belinda said…
Yeah the red dress is the business! I need that!
Melissa said…
That bralet is cute, but I love the last set.
Tara said…
Cute outfits!
Jessica said…
I have those boots from Forever 21 and they do hurt your feet if you have to be in them for a long time. But they're cute so I don't mind.