Outfit - House Shopping

Greetings Fashionistas,

So the other day I went house shopping with my mom. She's looking to build a new home and I'm so absolutely excited :-)))) We met with a company and was able to tour some of their model homes. Of course I'm there to support my mom and ask all the tough questions....but I'm also there to snap photos of the interior designs that I covet for my own home, lol.

I was inspired to actually paint one of the walls in my bedroom with sour apple green. My furniture is a dark mahogany and I would have never thought to pair the bright green color with the rich brown....turns it it's a very nice combo and I want this ASAP!!!

See the vivid hue of the green wall is perfectly offset by the dark furniture. Loves it!!!

Always the right time for a photo op ;-)

Surprisingly, the real estate agent was used to people taking random photos in the homes. Haaa!
On a fashion note, I decided I don't like sandals that have long ties that wrap around the ankle. I tried and ummm, no way do they flatter me or my vertically challenged stature.
Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs; Earrings: Nordstrom; Handbag: Cole Haan; Dress: Charlotte Russe; Sandals: GoJane.com

Au revoir!


Karen said…
I like sandals that wrap around and I'm only 5'1". It works if your bottom is really short.