The Look for Less

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

Welcome back from the weekend!!! Man my weekend came and went a little too fast for me, lol. But I had such a great time I'm not even gonna complain. Foremost, Saturday is really when my weekend started because I worked all day Friday :-( On Saturday I hit the gym early and then I got ready for a get together with my fellow softball teammates. Then, my bff, Eric and I went shopping! SWEET! We had soooo much fun. At first we began our little trip at the Outlets but it was extremely hot and there were so many people there we decided to go to the mall. It was still crowded, but it was okay because some one decided to wake up Jack Frost in that place, lol.

I was doing relatively well with my spending until I walked into Furla......SMH The sales clerk recognized me instantly and proceeded to show me the Fall arrivals as well as the dreaded "Take an additional 50% off" section. How dare he???? And on top of that, my so called friends actually urged me to get a bag. Uggghhh!! There's no hope for me!!! Of course I couldn't just leave the gorgeous bag there for some other unappreciative woman to purchase so I brought her home with me. I know, I know, I am such a whimp....which my guy proceeded to tell me as soon as I walked through the door >:-( Oh well, back to square one. I guess it will be Ramen noodles and oatmeal the rest of the week. SMH I'll post pics as soon as I get this crazy camera to work. I know I did something weird to it, but I can't figure out how to fix it. I'll just have to take it to some one....I refuse to read the instructions, lol.

In the meantime, although my funds are low, you know darn well it doesn't stop me from wanting, right? Well I spotted this beautiful kimono sleeve dress over at and was immediately smitten. I think it's elegant and sexy. Anything that shows a little curve and exposes some skin is sexy in my book, lol. Check out the wonderfully constructed dress below.

Rocksanda Ilincic Kimono Sleeve Gathered Dress

The gathered waist is a great way to mask your middle ;-) This is more in line with a grown woman's style but the craftmanship is awesome! Hmmmm, where on earth will I wear this you ask? Are you serious? Oh come on, I would wear this bad boy to church, to a fashion show, to an art gallery opening, to a boutique opening, etc. I'm a fashionista! But this price is just WAY out of my reach right now so.........

Riller & Fount Fiona Mini Dress with Kimono Sleeve
$114.10 (on sale)

I searched and found something similar at a really affordable price. Yippie! This garment is the same color, has the kimono sleeve on the same side, and the draping resembles the gathered waist of the luxe garment. The hemline is significantly higher so I definitely won't be wearing it to church but I could work it in to the other spots I mentioned above, LOL!

What do you all think? Did I hit the mark or is my look for less just plain off?

Au revoir!


Carolyn said…
Looks great! I actually prefer the look for less.