The Look for Less - Detailed Leather Knee-Highs

Greetings Fashion Friends,

I'm gearing up for Fall so I've been looking for both transition items as well as full fledged autumn styles. I've already bought two pairs of boots and I can't wait til they get here. I'll post them for you guys ;-) Now, I'm looking for a fierce pair of boots that I can rock this upcoming season.

Juxta Leather Knee-high Boots

The detail on this boot is freakin' awesome! The round/pointy toe is perfect for a sophisticated or edgy look. I wonder how the cutouts look when they're on your leg. I'm sure the knee-high length would be "over-the-knee" for me, LOL!

Well, I'm probably never gonna pay $3,000 for a shoe....especially one that I can't wear year round. So of course I tried to find this look for less.

Penthouse Women's Savannah Knee High
$60.87 (on sale)

This is the closet style I could find....and I'm not totally sold but the detailing is cool. I think the shiny patent material is throwing me off a little.

What do you all think?

Au revoir!


Alyssa said…
I think that if you wear them with a pair of skinny jeans versus a mini dress, you could really pull them off with out looking vampish.