Hot or Not?

Greetings Fashion Divas,

I came across this pic of Beyonce in St. Tropez with her hubby Jay-Z. Okay, this outfit has a LOT going on: multi-color graphic prints, multiple layer chain necklaces, leopard print..........but I LOVE IT!!!!

Why, you ask? Well her total look is bold, aggressive, fabulous, and daring. I mean, she's on vacay in one of the hottest places in the world. Why not go for it? She's caring her look like it's the most popular thing to do and I'm feeling her.

Beyonce's rocking the "kitt" shorts from Boxing Kitten's line, a popular collection for both her and her sister Solange.

Her bod is so on point! Get it Bey-Bey!!!

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Au revoir!


Anonymous said…
Too over the top for me but she looks good.
Veronica said…
I like her look from the waist up. Not very thrilled with her shorts.
Dana said…
Super FAB!!!!