Hot or Not - Vibrant Hues

Greetings Fashion Friends,

Rihanna was spotted at Da Silvano in NYC for some Sunday night wining and dining with her boo Matt Kemp. Now you all know I freakin' LOVE this chick, but I'm on the fence with these seriously contrasting vibrant hues she's got going on. I mean, her bright red hair is vibrant as hell, then she's rocking a lime green mini dress. The black accents and accessories tone it down a little, but I'm not sure this was a complete winner in my book. She's certainly fab, but I think the hair needs to be included in all wardrobe decisions. It's just too eye catching and "loud" to ignore.

I do love the outfit! It's casually chic and uber fly!!!

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April said…
She's actually wearing a tank and mini skirt. But I still don't like the overall outfit. It's definitely her hair!
Stephanie said…
Her outfit is actually a tank dress but that red hair reminds me of watermellon.