Trend Spotting - Ankle Cuff

Greetings Fashionistas,

A trend that has been sweeping both the runways as well as fast fashion shops is ankle cuff shoes. Ankle support is definitely in, and short of looking like the combination of a bootie and heel/flat, this style is super edgy and endearingly chic. There's not a retail website or brick and mortar store that doesn't boast this new trend....either as a flat shoe or high heel. I have no preference but I do lean towards the ankle cuff that sits low on around the ankle so that I still have a little leg left over, LOL! It's really best to rock this trendy style with either mid-thigh or higher shorts or a mini dress.

This is what I mean when I say "the ankle cuff sits low on the ankle". I won't feel stumpy with a style like this.
TaualII Platform Sandal
$54.98 (on sale)

Now this heel will work great with my long-legged fashionistas ;-)

Nili Ankle Cuff Sandal
$80.00 (on sale)

I freakin' love this sandal but the front appears to be a little too high for me....I'll need to try it on.

DV Dolce Vita 'Osaka' Ankle Strap Sandals

Super cute and comfy style. I love the gray with metallic detailing on the straps.

Foldover Cuff Sandals $17.80

This is a great price point for this trendy item.

Miss Me Dazzle Strappy Cuff Sandal

The strappy cuff reminds me of bangles but it's a neat shoe. That lack of platform just gave the soles of my feet goose bumps (and that's not even possible, LOL!).

How do you all feel about this trend?

Au revoir!


Yemi said…
Tory Burch sandals = HOT TO DEATH!!!