Skinny Denim Cargos????

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

Okay, now I like a nice cargo for a relaxed, laid back style. It's a great look for running to my summer dresses of course. However, when the skinny cargo emerged I was faced with trepidation at its arrival. I think the slim fitted pant with the large, somewhat bulk-adding pockets halts my instant love affair with this style. Now, I see on that Current/Elliott has used this design for denim....hmmm, I don't know if I like these either..which is really not surprising. I think the denim may be a little restricting and certainly make you appear chunky if you're pear shaped....stay away from moi!!!!

But I digress, I could be over dramatic right now, lol!

Current/Elliott The Skinny Cargo mid-rise jeans

So what do you all think? Is it worth a try? That price is substantial for something I'm unsure of.

Au revoir!

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3 lovely fashionistas commented:

Errin said...

Not sure about these at all

Georgia said...

No maam

Anonymous said...

This is actually an old style that resurfaced, as most styles tend to do. I had a couple of pair of these pants years ago and depending upon the shape of your body and how you style the pant, it would really work. I liked them then and I would rock a pair now with a cute tank, blazer and a pair of heels.