Reader Request - Lady in Red

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

Welcome back from the weekend. I'm running late per usual so let me get right to the purpose of this post ;-) I have a reader request from Stacia I'd like to share with you all.


I need help with this red, dress I bought. It's sort of longer than what I usually wear, I think it's what you call a shift dress. I thought it was so sophisticated and I'm trying to dress more for my age. Could you give me some ideas on how to wear it or what to wear with it? Thanks so much!

Sure, your request is fabo! I found two celebrity looks for a visual and I created couple of sets to demonstrate some chic ways to rock your dress. See below.

Red is a bold hue, so take a cue from both Cameron and Eva and rock neutral accessories with your garment. Depending upon the style, let the dress take center stage because the color alone is attractive.

The above set is more of an uptown look, but I would wear it to an upscale dinner, on a date, or to an event for work.

The above dress is a little long, so I would go with a heel that helps to elongate the leg. I wouldn't recommend anything that ties around the ankle, you could risk looking really stumpy. And don't be afraid to add a blazer or belt to change up your look.

Animal print goes well with red. You could compliment with animal print heels, like the set above, or go with a handbag in that particular print. The t-strap heels work well here because the hem of this dress stops a little past mid-thigh.

I hope the style pointers and visuals helped you out Stacia!

Au revoir!


so you are crazy about red dresses?
i love your matches.

Stacia said…
Thanks so much!
E. Harness said…
Very nice!! Damn good post!