Outfit - Summer living

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

So I went to Tallahassee about 2 weeks ago for my nephew's band camp performance. We had a really good time even though I was supa leery of traveling back to my college town. Now don't get me wrong, I had a fabulous time at FAMU but after you graduate, you realize how really tiny Tallahassee really is. But I digress, it was an awesome trip. Below is what I wore to my nephew's performance. It was hot as Hades out there and I immediately began sweating as soon as I stepped out of the car......no lie!

I tried to go for the laid back yet stylish look, LOL!

The scarf was extremely light-weight and the top and pants were made of air....I swear they were sooooo comfy.

I love my new rings...I got to stop wearing them everyday or they're gonna get that yellowish, worn-out look swiftly.

My little nephew loves to jump in a picture but he was a little too late for this one :-) He's too cute!

Sunglasses: Chloe; Earrings: Forever 21; Tank: Hanes; Scarf: Urban Outfitters; Rings: Street vendor; Harem pants: Boutique in San Diego; Handbag: Target; Sandals: Sam Edelman

Au revoir!


April said…
I like this outfit, especially the burst of color with the scarf.
Ieisha said…
Cute look!