Outfit - Dance Night

Greetings Fashion Divas,

So on Tuesday I went for private dance lessons with a friend of mine and had an absolute blast!!! It was a surprise so I was unsure how to dress and when I asked my guy, he said "oh just wear something really casual that's easy to move in". What??? But then I thought, okay, I'll pull out the leggings (you can never go wrong with that option) and just jazz them up a little bit. I didn't want to be overdressed so I paired them with a tank and just complemented the outfit with my usual statement accessories.

My legs look so short in the above pic, lol.

The weather was scorching outside which is another reason I rocked a tank....it's casual so....

I love this bag...it was my first designer bag and it still looks brand new...LOVES IT!!!!
Tank: Gypsy 05; Earrings: Street Vendor; Cuffs: Hot Topics; Rings: Boutique in New Orleans; Leggings: Target; Sandals: Gojane.com; Handbag: Furla

Au revoir!


Angela said…
I like the shape of your handbag. It's really unique.