Outfit - B-day Celebration

Greetings Fashion Friends,

So last month I went out to dinner with my family to celebrate my cousin's birthday. We had a really good time and afterwards, I took a vow to not eat meat for about 3 days after.....be wary of these Brazilian steakhouses...they do not let up on the meat. From pork to chicken to beef to you name it....I experienced serious protein overload.

We met up at Texas de Brazil, a Brazilian steakhouse. The food was really good but I'm not really that big of a meat eater so I had to really pace myself.

We had so much fun....and I still ended up eating waaaay too much, lol

Me and my awesome cousin....the birthday boy

These are pics after the event....I was in a rush, so I couldn't take any beforehand.

This romper looks like a shirt and shorts outfit. It's different and I love it.

Earrings: Street Vendor; Romper: Macy's; Handbag: Cole Haan; Rings: New Orlean's Boutique; Heels: Zara

The shorts are a little too short, but I managed, lol. BTW, sorry for the raunchy poses....I don't know what I was thinking, LMBO!!!

Au revoir!


Ericka said…
Oh cute! It's hard to tell that that's even a romper!