Hot or Not - The Diamond Princess

Greetings Fashion Followers,

I hope you're having a good weekend, I sure am! I was perusing the sites this morning and spotted this image of Trina. I love Trina!!! She's not a style icon or anything but I just really identify with her shape so when she looks fab....she immediately becomes my inspiration to get my body on point ;-)

But what do you all think about her outfit. She looks great but I think the clutch could have been switched for a more subtle design (too many colors), those heels sort of remind me of Dorothy, and the neckline is a little busy but.....I like her so I'm biased, lol.

Anyhew, it's off to the gym for me, LOL!

Au revoir!

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E. Harness said...

I am designating this as a Hot look. You know I love me some Dorothy! LOL